About Us

About Today Milk

Welcome to M.C. Foods Pvt. Ltd. One of the elite Dairy Companies in North India. Our products are being marketed under our brand name “Today”.

Today Milk has become the name that people trust for their consistency in bringing high quality dairy products to them every day. Our product development, freshness and natural consistency has shown a new way of living and improved and a healthy life. We have an extensive range of milk product and dairy product catering to people of all age and food Industry.

Today Milk

We aim to identify, intricate and distribute best practices at all our infrastructures, a dairy farms, ghee plant, powdered milk plant with fully automated state of the art technology, using the best equipment from one of the leading plant equipment manufacture. Right from start to finish, our process runs on fully automated system based on international standards providing us with almost zero touch process, assuring full hygiene and purity when the product is packed.

We have well integrated and sophisticated testing labs which test our milk and final milk product at every stage till the time of its shelf life and keep monitoring the quality of each lot manufactured so that we make sure that we release only superior quality products for our consumers to consume.

We take pride in offering our dairy products to the masses at competitive rates making sure that no one stays deprived of the required nutrition. Since 2004, lakhs of consumers in North India have been waking up to the purity and freshness of Today milk and dairy products.


Our mission is to deliver to every home fresh milk that is untouched, unadulterated and direct from our farm to home. We believe that milk and milk products are one of the natures best natural and most nutritious gift for human body. And we wish to deliver its every variant in absolute natural and healthy way to our consumers.


We want to become the benchmark for providing fresh, healthy dairy products that suit today’s fast-paced, ever changing lifestyles. We want to become a preferred choice for customers in the food and beverages industry by:

  • Empowering the dairy farmers to update themselves with best milking Cows & Farms
  • To keep upgrading right technology for absolute healthy and nutritious packaging.
  • Expertise every category of Dairy Industry for even better serving.
  • Promoting empowerment, alongside transparency